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Make The Switch To Propane!

Call to discuss your options and affordable benefits.

Stay warm all winter with liquid propane from Donahue Gas. The coldest winter is no match for LPG!

Tired of unreliable and inconsistent heating during the winter's coldest months? Liquid Propane (or LPG for liquefied petroleum gas) is a naturally occurring gas that has been widely used as a fuel source for many years.

LPG is a great, affordable alternative to other heating techniques such as oil and electric, and helps cut down on our nation's dependence on foreign oil.

At Donahue Gas, we also want to make sure that you never run out of LPG and will set up a customized delivery schedule designed around your property's specific usage. Why pay to fill the tank when you don't have to?

Donahue's LPG Services for Your Home:

  • Underground Tank Installation

  • Custom Installation (Various Tank Sizes) 

  • Home Delivery

  • Tank Exchanges

  • On-Site Refills

Make The Switch To Propane!

Call to discuss your options and affordable benefits

Furnace and Water Heater Rebates

Right now you can take advantage of a Propane Appliance Safe Installation Rebate from the Indiana Propane Gas Foundation

Think Switching Will be a Hassle?

If you've been told that switching to LPG is hassle that isn't worth your time, you didn't hear it from Donahue! Our professional technicians will work quickly to install your tank in a location that works best with your property.

Don't have a
lot of Space?

Don't have a lot of space? No problem! We offer a variety of tanks ranging from industrial sized to much smaller models that are just right for residential designs.

Wondering how this works?

Propane is delivered to your home as a very cold liquid and pumped into a storage tank. The liquid changes to gas before it leaves the tank. Propane tanks are typically painted white or silver to reflect heat and prevent the pressure inside the tank from getting too high.

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