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Family Owned and Operated Since 1938


Specializing in all aspects of propane

Trust Donahue Gas for home heating, vehicle conversions, fuel delivery and so much more

Donahue Gas, since 1938
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"We don't want people to be our customers just because we are local. We want them to be our customers because we are the best."

What Our Customers

are Saying

    We switched from Amerigas to Donahue. We called around to over 10 different gas companies that were in our area and we decided to go with Donahue. The office staff has been great as we have called many times getting different information. They have been patient and understanding and even took the time to break down exactly what we were paying for, what to expect, and the company history. The gentleman that came out to do our install was professional but fun to be around. He was super personable and explained everything that he was doing throughout the process. I can't tell you how good it feels to be with a local business that I can count on, rather than a company that forwards all of their calls out of the states. We are more than excited about our switch and can't wait to continue business with them. If you are considering making a switch, DO IT. It is SO worth it. Thank you Donahue!!





Using Propane is Smart

  1. Propane is green. Propane generates less greenhouse gas emissions than electricity.

  2. Propane is efficient. Propane heats faster than electricity, so it helps you save on energy costs.

  3. Propane is versatile. Propane can be used for home heating, space heating, water heating,
    drying clothes, cooking, gas fireplaces, and even lighting!

  4. Propane is made in the USA. 90% of the propane our country uses is produced right here
    in America! That means less dependency on foreign fuels, and greater support of our own economy.

  5. Propane is reliable. Many gas appliances continue to operate in power outages. 

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