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About Us

The Donahue Difference:

"We don't want people to be our customers just because we are local.

We want them to be our customers because we are the best."

Donahue Gas, since 1938
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Our Services

When we say that Donahue Gas is a one-stop-shop, we mean it. We specialize in absolutely every aspect of the propane business, down to the smallest detail, for a price that works with your budget.

LPG Delivery & Tank Exchange

On-Site Tank Refills

System and Tank Maintenance

For all your home and business LPG needs

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The Donahue Difference

Over 80 years of experience

We have installed literally thousands of propane systems! So whether you use propane for your home or business, you can trust us for smart, safe solutions.

A family-owned and operated company

With Donahue Gas, decisions that affect you aren’t made by someone in another state. We’re fellow neighbors in this community, and we truly care about meeting your needs.

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Options designed to bring you greater value

See our Keep Full Delivery, the Budget Payment Plan, Pre-Buy
price protection, and our Customer Referral Program

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What Sets Us Apart

Over the Years

Comprehensive Propane Services For More That 80 Years

Donahue Gas Historic Photo 1
Donahue Gas Newspaper Clipping 2
Donahue Gas Newspaper Clipping
Donahue Gas Historic Photo 1
Donahue Gas Newspaper Clipping 2
Donahue Gas Newspaper Clipping

Our History, by Brian Donahue

Donahue Gas was started back in 1938 when my grandfather starting selling “F cylinders”, the forerunner of a 20# cylinders, off of his front porch.  I think of that every time I swap out a cylinder from our exchange cabinet in front of our store.  My grandfather passed away in 1947 leaving my Uncle Tom, more commonly referred to as “Ted” and my father Jim and their brother Pat to take over the family business.  Ted just recently returned from the Second World War and Jim who unbeknownst to him was getting ready to get drafted for the Korean War took over the reins of Home Supply Company in 1947 which would become the present day Donahue Gas.  We were formed in Madison County Indiana in Anderson.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s Anderson was a boom town with factories galore and employment at an all-time high.  Anderson had one of the highest per capita income in the nation.  Boy how times change, and Donahue Gas has changed along with it.  You have to change with the times or you won’t survive...

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