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Smart Plan Options

Have greater peace of mind all year long with these Smart Plan Options!

Budget Pay Plan

Lower bills and Cap Price Protection

Find it difficult to manage your higher winter propane
costs? Consider the benefits of our Budget Pay Plan!

  • Easy monthly payments. We spread out your annual fuel costs into simple monthly installments.

  • Personalized for you. We base your payments on your own propane usage, to keep them as low and accurate as possible.

  • No surprises. You always know how much your propane payment will be, and when it will be due.

  • Extra cap price protection, too! Our Budget Pay Plan helps you avoid high price spikes with a cap on the amount you can pay for your propane. That means if market rates rise, as they often do during winter, your price can’t exceed your cap rate. And if rates fall we pass on the lower rate to you!

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Keep Full

Save time and worry less

Running out of fuel is more than inconvenient — it can be expensive, too! Run-outs require a mandatory gas leak test, and often also include rush delivery fees. That’s why we highly recommend our Keep Full service:

  • Save time. With Keep Full we schedule your deliveries for you based on your own usage needs. That means no more checking your tank, and no more calling every time you need a delivery.

  • Rest easier. You never have to worry about the consequences of a run-out, because we make sure you always have the propane you need.


Secure one propane rate

With Pre-Buy, you have the option to purchase your winter supply of propane in advance at a special “pre-season” rate. If market rates rise as the heating
season progresses, Pre-Buy can offer you significant savings. If you want to learn more about Pre-Buy so you can enroll next year just give us a call.

Ready to take advantage of one of these great billing and payment options? Let's talk!

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